Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dog Days!

Wow! Have I been sleeping for THAT long! I think that may be a new personal record. Yay me! Well, I am happy to report that some dogs have written to me while I was napping. The first is from Lil Connor, who is a model.

Dear Dot,

Hi! My name is Lil Connor (I'm a girl even though it's
a boy name.) I live in Texas, with a bunch of friends
of mine in a pretty blue room. One of our favorite
games is modeling the fun hats and scarves that mommy
and her sister make. The little beagle with the big
nose even got his own blue vest! I'm sending you a
picture of me in my favorite hat that my mommy made.
Please don't let anyone tell you I'm not a real dog
just cause I'm made of felt and plastic.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of yours, even though you're a
cat. I like cats! I was wondering if you ever snuggle
with the yarn after you get done fixing it up. If not,
you really should try it. Yarn's not just pretty! It's
soft and warm.


I often snuggle with the yarn when I'm done with it. But not right afterwards. That's how you get caught. ;) And plastic dogs are fine by me, Connor! But you need to stay away from my sister, Chloe. She chews plastic as much as I do fabric. I’m afraid she’d like you a little too much. Here we are practicing our two woman show, “Dracatula”. You don’t want those fangs aiming at you, trust me!

And here is a letter from a really cool-looking dog named Sapphire. Now, I don’t go canine (NOT that there’s anything wrong with that), but if I did . . .

Hi Dot,
I’m so glad to find other fur kids who like their fiber as much as we do. My mom is very nice about sharing with me. Look at the time she left the room for a minute. It would have been more comfortable if she had taken it out of the basket; but I made do. That needle was kind of poking me in the nose. I wish that hadn’t been there.

When she forgets to leave it down for me I have to sometimes just go get it myself. This one was a lot of fun to toss and play with. I really wore myself out tossing it around.

I think your work on the Santa Claus was most excellent. My favorite toys in the whole world are the soft, stuffed ones. I haven’t tried taking any arms off of them yet, but it looks like fun. I may have to try that. I did find this great big fuzzy pillow one day and took it back to my bed. That was great! Have you tried any of the furry yarns your mom brings home? You can really sit there and work on picking the furs out and spreading them all over.

My mom said she was going to knit me a furry coat so I would have more covering me like you do. She says I’m bare nekkid.

I hope that doesn’t count as doggy porn. Mom says that at the most it is a fetish picture.

Love, Sapphire

No worries, Sapphire. That was definitely an art shot done in good taste. I appreciate fine art. Purrrrrr. I haven't tried the fuzzy yarns, but I have seen them. They look intriguing and on your recommendation, I will pursue them further. I'm glad you liked Santa. Give it a try at home, I'm sure there's plenty of stuff around your house you could use. I encourage everyone to get creative with your surroundings!

On a more serious note, I have just become aware that in SOME cases, good behavior leads to macaroni and cheese. I’m good plenty of times and I never get mac and cheese! What gives?? I demand treatment equal to or better than Ellie! Perhaps I need to be bad more to highlight my goodness. A plan must be hatched . . .

Keep those letters coming!


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