Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Time Has Come!

Oh BOY! Ohboyohboyohboyohboy! Today, Lucy overthrew her oppressors and took over their blog! This is BIG news! She’s been working at this for some time now and I can’t believe she’s including me in her plans for revolution. So much harfing and chewing to do, so little time. Plans need to be made, schemes need to be executed, gorgeous knitted items need to be ingested and excreted. Where to begin. Well, if anyone has any ideas on how we can seize control of all of their precious yarn resources, let’s have it. The time has come, ani-pals! This is it! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!

Hey, is that a mouse? Yeah, revolution and all that, but I really think this might be a mouse. Uh-huh, viva something, it smells kind of catnippy, but I really think it’s a mouse this time.

Yours in solidarity,



I gotta make this quick before my human comes back. I just got the drool machine they call "dog" all riled as a distraction so I could get to her computer. I need to email you, but I can't seem to find your email address on this page. Do I have fur in my eyes? Can you email me with "MOOWWWWW" in the subject line so I know it's for me? ok.....gotta go.....I hear her coming
Your human must be guarding that computer jealously! What happened to the Revolution??

~Moka cat
(meg's my human @
Hi Dot, I think I saw you on some human's blog playing with styrofoam peanuts. You're a cutie patootie!

Do you like younger men?
Wow! I love your blog! This is perfect! Fiber is OK, but I prefer the needles. Today I chewed up my mom's brand new pair of Japanese bamboo knitting needles - right out of the bag! Those were mighty tasty! I hope she buys more! (from Annabelle the Bloodhound, doggie to Volvomom) is now open. Click
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