Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mail call!

Well, it seems there are some others out there who love crafts as much as I do! I got some cool comments on my last post (one from a green bird! Parrot lace - HA HA HA!!) and I even got some email. One was from royalty and the other from across the pond (ooh, all those tasty fish between us!).

Here is what His Royal Furness Crackbaby DeMoville had to say:


My human has finally left the room with her computer running. Even as indulgent as she normally is, her computer's main power switch is out of my reach across this hideous...thing she calls a desk. Who in their right mind would use a desk surface that is all HOLES? Doesn't she realize how difficult it is to walk on? Hmph. Anyway, that's not why I am typing to you.

You show great talent in your garment restructuring skills. I have never had an aptitude for such pursuits. I do, however, find all of these nice twigs my human keeps in her room to be quite fascinating... tasty too. She has several in a cup out of my reach, but often brings them down to loop that boring thread stuff around repeatedly. Apparently she just does not realize that I am trying to help her by conditioning the wood for optimum chewability...she scolds every time I reach for those twigs as she waggles them about so enticingly.

Perhaps one day she will learn...or I will learn a way to walk across
That horrid surface to get to them!

I hope your day sees your artistic talents being put to good use.

His Royal Furness Crackbaby DeMoville

It's good to know that even royalty enjoys the simple thing, isn't it? HRF Crackbaby loves them twigs! My 3-month-old brother also likes them, but my lady had someone named Denise tie her twigs together, now there are no more waggley ends to drive little Mike crazy.

I also heard from an English bloke named Buster. He's really handsome, you can see him on his mum's blog. Her canine and human child are also quite cute.

Hello Dot,

My name is Buster, I did post a comment on your excellent blog, but decided to email you as well. I am a 13yr black and white ninja cat who lives in England, by the seaside, piers, rock and kiss me quick hats - the works.

I have a passion for knitting, especially when it's actually being carried out. I like to sit next to the ole bag and pretend I'm asleep, then carry out a stealth, swipe attack, grabbing the wool and needle top in one foul swoop. I personally believe that all needles tops are in need of acupuncture. I personalize as many pairs as possible.

I think your Santa modifications were inventive and very artistic.

Chirrups and purrs.................Buster. xx

It seems that personalizing knitting needles is an activity that the whole world can agree on!

Hope to hear from more of you and don't forget, you can send pictures of you or your best work, too!

Keep those claws sharp!


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