Friday, September 24, 2004

Meow and Welcome to Fiber Fancy!

Welcome to my blog, I'm glad you got some time alone with the computer without getting shooed from the keyboard. Fiber Fancy welcomes all kinds of anipals here - from cats and dogs to rats and lizards and everywhere in between. I thought it would be fun to have a place where we could talk about yarn and show off some of our favorite projects. My lady person has a blog and seems to enjoy it, so I figured I might as well have one too.

This is me and one of my housemates, Chloe.

Chloe concentrates more on paper and small electronics (she loves to chew on the remote control and the cordless phone). I'm really into restructuring soft objects - things like clothes, curtains, and cherished family heirlooms. Here is some of my handiwork. I redesigned the hood on this sweatshirt to allow more air to circulate when the hood is used. I also made the sock a little larger at the top to make it more comfortable. After careful consideration, I decided that those shoes looked better without the little loopy thing on the back.

Here is a sportier version of a previously blah bathrobe.

This is my finest work to date. See Santa? Isn't he cute? One year the pink monkeys put him out for Christmas. He was pretty boring, until . . . (click the photo to see my artistic interpretation of the holiday season)

I feel Christmas is way to commercialized, so I thought an armless Santa would show that it's not about the presents he brings, it's about the joy. Even without arms to carry gifts, Santa still spreads cheer.

I got in big trouble for this at first. Some humans just don't get the point of art as social commentary.

I'm moving on to new projects now. The female has recently been bringing a lot of different yarn into the house. There is some lovely mohair and a silk cashmere blend that I know I can do something with. One day she'll forget to put the lid on the stash box and I'll make my choice then.

Beautiful work! I wish I had a picture to send you of my finest enhancement: a pair of black slacks, generously punched with delicate claw marks all along the left leg. JUST the left leg, mind you, a comment on the inequality of the world.

--Hoover (typed by my mommy)
Aaww, lucky! I'm Tom, (original, I know) and my mummy wont let me near anything! Her Mummy doesn't even like me in the house! I'm left to my own devices. I figure the only way to pay them both back is to munch on the cherished birds that perch in MY trees, and leave them on mummy's mummy's doorstep. That'll teach her!
Hi Dot,
Now I've found out the ole bags password I can post a comment and I am loving your work. I'm a needles man myself - it's those knobby little ends, I just can't resist, they move so seductively. Your Pal...Buster xx.

Ps if you go to the ole bags blog http:/ you can see my picture and one of my big spotty dalmatian girlie friend.
Hi Dot! I hope you don't mind a post from a little green bird. I liked your new designs a lot. I'm currently working on something similar, changing the shoulders of all my person's t-shirts into parrot lace. It takes a lot of creative chewing, especially since I do it when she's wearing the shirt! It's all a matter of biding my time until she's absorbed in something, like knitting, or a computer game, or staring at George Clooney on t.v.

I also like to play with crochet hooks -- have you tried that? They're shiny and clang-y and when the hooky part gets caught on something and sticks, you can scream at it. Lots of fun.
Zeke Quaker
Hey Dot I am a human currently pet-less (well he is with a friend for right now) but I got to tell you. That Santa rendition where you helped Santa air his boxers had me laughing for hours.
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