Friday, October 01, 2004

News update!

I thought I’d catch everyone up on some interesting news I’ve found on some of the blogs my lady reads.

Big Geek’s Thurston has come home! He went on a small vacation and apparently forgot to leave a number where he could be reached. But he’s back and I’d love to hear what he did while he was away! He is really good-looking. Those eyes, that nose . . . meeeeow.

Mayflwr is the sweetest girl. She and her friends visit homeless animals at their local shelter every other Sunday to play with and groom them. This makes me purr.

Brainylady has made a new friend. I have an orange friend, too. She thought it was her landlord’s long-lost cat, but it turns out that this guy is not Speedy. Just hungry.

SobSister has something to be happy about. Ollie the dog had a really good day yesterday! He’s been sick and we at Fiber Fancy wish him all the best. He looks great in his new sweater!

Wendy is hosting a Kitty Bed Along to benefit I wonder if Lucy is helping to pick out the colors.

And here’s another email. This is one from a cat named Fuzz. It looks like Fuzz enjoys all kinds of fabrics in lots of different ways. Carpe Diem, Fuzz! And keep pouncing those toes!

Dear Dot,

Mommy has left the computer running. Pizza guy is here. =^.^= She is eating!

I just wanted to let you know that I /really/ enjoy your work. I loved the Santa. Mom's not a big holiday person, so there aren't any decorations. And, she doesn't own a camera, so I can't share the things I do. I can tell you, that I really enjoy helping her sort the different piles of fabric she keeps in the Rarely Opened Room. I think she wants to make things out of them for other people, because she occasionally has friends over who sit with her while she wraps this long blue rope around them. I help with that too! I have to hold the end so it doesn't get lost. =^.^=

I really like helping with the laundry! It's my favorite. I run and run and run around the basket trying to push the clothes back in. (And pounce on nearby toes too.) And making the bed. I like that. I have to make sure the corners are right... from the underside. Hee! =^.^=

Oh! Dinner's over! I have to go back to playing dumb. Email you later!


Fuzz, you furbrain! I'm going to tell my human to tell your human that you're playing on her computer! She'll do it too, they're sisters after all. Hmph. Undignified, flea-bitten, barking BEAGLE! You didn't even offer your FULL name. Fuzzbutt. Even your name is undignified. I should send the empty-headed hounds after you...but that would require effort. *yawns* Yowling for dinner is so much work. I'm going to go nap now.

-- HRF Crackbaby
Ollie here. Thanks for the well wishes! I also wanted to extend my admiration for your reworking of the classics. Santa DOES look better without arms! I mostly stick to destroying paper products. I particulary enjoy Pottern Barn catalogs, TV Guides and used tissue. I also like to get my mom's goat by nipping at other dogs while she's stooped over picking up my poo! Hee hee!!! She hates that!

Woof woof!

-Ollie the Boston terrier-
haha! Crackbaby sounds a little hostile there, but it's just because Fuzzbutt is even more doggy than Crackbaby is, he's just not ashamed of it. ;) I think we must have some photos of Fuzz somewhere around here...

ACK! I've been commented on by ROYALTY! (I know I should /feel/ blessed, but let's face it! He's talking about getting me in trouble here!)

Dearest Crackness,
Go ahead and tell Mommy! She'll forget anyway. She never turns off the computer at night any more, not even that swirly mess that appears before the monitor turns off. (Oooh! Swirly mess...) Anyway, as for my full name... -hmph- Don't make me tell the whole web interweb what *your* name was before your coronation, pal. I'll do it too! =~.~=

Hiya Ceci-head!! Long time no see! What, like Mommy's wedding, right? Or did you visit during that horrible screeching human's birthday party. What was his name? Nico, that's it. What a funny name. Anyway, you have pictures of me?!?! That's GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRreat! (ala Tony the Tiger. He's da bomb.) You should email Mommy and tell her found these pictures. That way, she'll coo over how cute I am and then save them you r her hard disk-foo and I can email them to dot!

Much fur-flying madness,
Fuzz (Yes, it's Fuzzbutt. Ask if I care, just don't ask for the story!)

PS: For Christmas, Mommy REALLY wants a digital cam- urk! Alarm clock just went off. I'd better go get some towels ready for Mommy. =^.^=
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